Expand Luuya School


The WeRemnant Luuya school is growing. Currently we have kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. At the end of this school year, our children need to move up to the next grade up. 

Therefore, WeRemnant school needs to expand. We need 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. This will serve our current students and give opportunity for older children who want an education without having to walk 4-miles to attend school. 

$3,500 builds a church-school building

Teach Abused Moms to Sew


 WeRemnant is partnering with Seed Faith Church to use their building for a tailoring school. The school will be open to abused women, single women. Our priority is single mothers, who need to learn a trade to provide for their children. Help us with this project, to empower these women to give hope to their children and improve the economy of their communities.  

Dig Traditional Wells


WeRemnant digs traditional wells in remote villages using products manufactured in Kenya, to provide clean water to the children and families free of charge. The wells are also located on church grounds, which means people from different faiths must come on church property to receive physical and LIVING water. Amen. 

$500 digs a traditional well

$500 provides a manual pumping system

Give the Love Gift that Changes Lives

WeRemnant Church-School Luuya, Kenya

WeRemnant church-school in Luuya, Kenya. These students are learning because of generous donations of weRemnant members. 

This building is used as a church on Sundays and evening service. During the day, it is the only school for 4-miles. 

Prior to the opening of this school, young children who could not walk 4 miles to the closest school, had to stay home. Today, education is available to children from Kindergarten through 2rd grade very close to home. 

Thank you for educating children in this remote village. 

The Nasaka Well is Complete

Thanks to the generous donations of one family, WeRemnant was able to dig a traditional well in the remote village of Nasaka. This small village of about 250 people now has a place to get clean water for free. 

You can also provide clean water for a remote village in Kenya. Please consider sponsoring a well today. A traditional well for an entire village costs $1,000. However, any amount given goes a long way. In your donation notes, tell us you want to provide clean water. 

The Luuya Well is Complete

Prior to weRemnant digging a community well on church-school grounds, the young children and people of Luuya village, about 5,000, got their water from the local dirty river.  Today, thanks to WeRemnant members, they have clean drinking water. 

During the dry season of 2019, the river in Luuya dried up. Without the weRemnant community well, the village would have suffered great loss due to drought. 

School Shoes for Luuya Students

Thanks to weRemnant members, we were able to give school shoes to students at the weRemnant school in Luuya, Kenya. 

Thank you for giving to those in need. The LORD JESUS CHRIST reward you greatly, amen.