Cancer Patients in Uganda


$35 per month provides food, water and shelter for recovering cancer patients in Kampala, Uganda. 

Feed & Educate Orphans


$20 per month feeds and educates an orphan. Your gifts of love will educate, feed and clothe these children. 

Rescue Infants in Malawi


$25 per month helps rescue and care for infants in Malawi at the Crisis Nursery Orphanage.

Clean Water Wells


A gift of $500 digs a traditional well in a remote village, and gives the gift of clean water. 

A gift of $500 provides a pumping system to the traditional well. These well systems can easily be maintained by the locals, because the parts were designed and manufactured in-country.

Build Schools & Hire Teachers


A gift of $100 per month, helps build schools and pay local teacher's salaries in refugee camps and rural villages. 

School Supplies


A gift of $25 per month, provides school supplies to children in remote villages and refugee camps. Give the gift of education and a brighter future. 

Medical Supplies


A gift of $200 helps ships medical supplies to remote villages and refugee camps. These supplies save lives in local clinics.

Medical Training Missions


A gift of $100 helps send doctors, nurses, dentists and healthcare professionals on mission trips to train locals in refugee camps and remote villages. 

Professional Training Missions


A gift of $100 helps send teaching materials and teachers on missions trips to train local teachers in refugee camps and rural villages. 

Greatest Need


Give into the emergency fund for weRemnant, so we can respond to the greatest need at anytime. For example, if there is an outbreak or natural disaster affecting the projects we support, we use the Greatest Need fund to respond.