True Religion is Taking Care of Widows and Orphans

Pastor Solomon tells his testimony about how JESUS CHRIST healed him. He tells how the LORD uses him to rescues orphans, abandoned children and widows, from the jungles of Nigeria, Africa. 

Check out WeRemnant/Nigeria Project for details. 

Message given at: Agape Christian Church,  Maryland, USA. 

The Need

At weRemnant , we do not turn a deaf ear to the cries of orphans, refugee and underprivileged children. Our international activities focus on providing medical and educational support. Our goal is to create a JESUS based structure or support an existing structure for the next generation of growing adults and future leaders. 

Due to wars, famines, diseases and other calamities, many children have lost their homes and communities, their families and friendships destroyed. Others have parents that cannot support them due to abject poverty. In some countries, children as young as five years old, being abandoned in the streets, and ten year olds showing up at clinics pregnant. 

Many of these clinics do not have medicines to care for these precious children in dire need.  Too many still of these innocent children must survive on the streets, begging for food and without access to food, shelter, medical care and basic education.

Answer the Remnant Call


Provide Medical Supplies

Thanks to medical equipment recycle programs here in the United States, weRemanat receives free medical supplies  that we ship  to refugee camps and remote villages all over the world.

We empower local doctors with medical equipment, to treat the people in their own communities, free of charge.


Feeding Orphans

In the midst of bad situations, GOD always has a Remnant, who take in orphans and shares the little they have. In these situations, bread crumbs must serve as full meals. 

WeRemnant comes along side these local orphanages to supplement their food and educational budgets so these children can have a hope and a future. 


Hire Local Teachers

The number of refugee, orphaned and/or impoverished children is at its highest level in recorded human history.  WeRemnant works with local organizations strategically positioned in these areas, to hire qualified teachers to teach these children.


Build Church-Schools

Children need a safe, clean place to learn. WeRemnant builds schools where children can be taught and fed. Many times, WeRemnant must also provide clean water, food, shoes and uniforms for the students so they can attend school. 


Provide School Supplies

WeRemnant provides school supplies to aid the learning experience. For many of these children, a simple pack of glue and color pencils are luxuries. WeRemnant relies on generous donors for these simple supplies.  We take what you give and ship it all over the world to the children we serve. 

Two Ways to Join the Solution


Donate Monthly

Your monthly donations help pay teachers and medical staff salaries, builds church-schools and clinics, and ship school and medical supplies to help the children we serve.   


Volunteer - Come on a Missions Trip

Every year, we visit several project sites all over the world, to pray, preach the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, and meet the children and their families or guardians.

We are the BODY of JESUS CHRIST and we need each other. It's also good to worship together and to physically help each other. Our missions trips are like going home to visit family. 

We want to hear from you

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