Joseph and Cathy, WeRemnant coordinators in Uganda buy bathing soap, gloves, sugar, maize flour, beans, water, toothpaste and other basic items for cancer patients sleeping on the floors of the cancer ward and public streets outside the Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago hospital in Kampala.

Why are cancer patients sleeping on the floors of Mulago Hospital?  Mulago is a large reference hospital whose patients come from many different parts of the country. Cathy noticed a shocking reality for some of the patients seeking help at the cancer ward. The standard of care is such that once patients are diagnosed with cancer and have received their initial treatments; they must wait two weeks for the next treatment. However, many of the patients come from far away villages and towns. They are too poor to return home. So, they sleep on the hospital floors and in the streets, waiting for their next treatment. No food, no showers, no family, no support. Without Cathy, many would simply go hungry and recover alone.

JESUS does not forget the forgotten and the suffering. HE always sends HIS Remnant. 

WeRemnant would like to build a housing facility close to the hospital where these cancer patients can find temporary shelter. We would also like to build an orphanage where these street children can have a home and eventually go to school. 

While we work on this project, we would like to rent space for the patients and orphans to stay. 

Cathy also cooks feed for the street children, preaching the Good News of JESUS CHRIST to all of them in their local village. 

$30 per month would provide a cancer patient a mat, soap, food for a month and shelter. This amount would also enable the renting of a small house where they can sleep while they recover. 

$20 per month will provide a street child, food, shelter, clothes and shoes.