Pastor Orlinda has been married to her beloved husband since the year 2000. They are blessed with five beautiful children. Orlinda received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in Harare, Zimbabwe at Bethel Fellowship, a lunch hour ministry that continues to transform countless lives and uphold the banner of Jesus Christ. Her spiritual mentor is Dr. C.C. Amoo, a humble and devoted Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, lovingly known as “Mama Amoo” by thousands of spiritual children across the entire globe. Orlinda learned how to love God and serve Him under the leadership of Mama Amoo in Harare. In July 2007, the Maforo family immigrated to the USA where Orlinda opened an extension of Bethel Fellowship out of her home, guided by Mama Amoo. Bethel Fellowship USA has continued to grow beyond the weekly Bible Studies to various activities including but not limited to:

  • Quarterly conferences
  • International trips
  • Sending God’s love to foreign ministries and ministers
  • Sending God’s love to widows and orphans
  • Sending God’s love to Israel