The JESUS Center School in Aranos Town, Namibia is a small Christian school renting space in a local church. This school educates children of poor farmers and gives them a fighting chance for a decent education. 

Public schools in this area of Namibia are so impoverished that JESUS Center School shares curriculum and workbooks with the public-school students. 

The poverty in the area is so staggering that many of these precious children do not have shoes and sweaters to make it through the winter seasons. As a result, many do not come to school during winter. However, that is not the greatest need. 

The greatest need is food. The education is available, but many of the children do not have food in their homes. 

Support these Children


$10 would feed one child for one month, so they can go to school and learn

$40 pays tuition for a child at JESUS Center School per month

$15 buys a pair of shoes and a sweater for each child


Give the Love Gift that Changes Lives

Christmas Miracle for Orphans in Namibia - Look what JESUS did with leftovers!

In 2017, a local food pantry in the United States did a back-to-school supply drive and give away. The generosity was so great. A lot of children were blessed with supplies. However, just like Jesus does, He always provides leftovers. These left overs were stored to be used the following year. Over time, the storage space was needed for other items. Therefore, the supplies had to go!
Jesus provided a pastor visiting from Namibia who works with orphanages. The weRemnant team purchased a suitcase and packed up the school supplies. The supplies were delivered to the orphans, and their pictures are above. In addition, donors provided funds to cook Christmas dinner for these children. See videos below. 

2017 Christmas Dinner @ Orphanage in Namibia

See the smiling faces of orphans at an orphanage in Namibia. Pastor Victor took our donated school supplies plus financial gifts from others, to these orphans. With donated money, the food was purchased and cooked at the orphanage. See the children enjoying their special meal. The school supplies were served as their special gift! Merry Christmas.