Toddler Mwayi, Meaning “Lucky,” Received Her Walker!

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take care of me. Psalm 27:10 (NKJV)

“…when she asked for a pediatric walker. In 14 years, I had never seen one come through MERCI; but one came through the next week… So, what do I know about God’s plan!” Mrs. Peggy Anderson

In September 2019, our coordinator working with the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery in Lilongwe, Malawi told us about Mwayi, a baby girl abandoned in the hospital because her mother was told she may never walk again. Even though Mwayi’s mother abandoned her, JESUS CHRIST did not abandon her. To prove it, HE sent the WeRemnant family.

As soon as we heard about Mwayi’s condition, we contacted Mrs. Peggy, to see if a pediatric walker were available. Mrs. Peggy is our contact at the University of Virginia University Medical Equipment Recovery of Clean Inventory (MERCI) program. She said in her 14 years, she had never seen a walker. But the very next week, one showed up!

Hallelujah! The medical and baby supplies were shipped to Malawi, and today, Mwayi has her walker. What a testimony of GOD’s unfailing love and master plan.

Just like GOD to remember the abandoned baby. HE said, even if mother and father forsake us, yet HE would not forget us.

Mwayi, is an example of the LORD’s promises being yes and amen.

Continue to support Mwayi and the other abandoned infants at the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery. Your monthly gift of any amount helps cover the cost of medical shipments, baby formula and supplies for these precious abandoned babies, whom JESUS has called us to love.

In parts of Malawi, when a mother dies during childbirth, but the baby survives, the baby is given to the family. If the family is not available, the government steps in to take the infant. Many of these babies are given to over-crowed orphanages. However, if the government representatives are not available, in remote villages, the baby is abandoned or killed.

That is why the WeRemnant supports the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery in Lilongwe, Malawi. The Crisis Nursery rescues abandoned babies and takes care of them until the age of four.

Our WeRemnant coordinator in Lilongwe takes supplies of food, clothing, baby and medical supplies to the babies to the nursery.

Thanks to gifts of love from the WeRemnant family, we can provide for these beautiful babies.

Only $35 per month provides baby food, diapers, wipes, clothing and ships medical supplies to Malawi orphaned infants in Malawi.