The little toddler in the video "organizing" the clothes is Mwayi meaning Lucky.  Her mother abandoned her in the hospital when she found out she has a spinal disability and would have trouble walking. But GOD sent the Remnant, you and I, to send her a pediatric walker.


WeRemnant Started with Clothes and School Supplies

In 2018, the Lord opened the opportunity for weRemnant to send school supplies to orphans and underprivileged children in Lilongwe, Malawi through a local church. The school supplies and clothes served as Christmas gives for these children. The rest of the supplies were distributed to an overcrowded, underfunded school close to a poor village.  

The Orphan Problem

In parts of Malawi, when a mother dies during childbirth, but the baby survives, the baby is given to family. If the family is not available, the government steps in to take the infant. Many of these babies are given to over crowed orphanages.  However, if the government representatives are not available, in remote villages, the baby is abandoned or killed.  

Be a Part of the Solution

WeRemnant representatives are working to support the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery in Lilongwe. The Crisis Nursery rescues abandoned babies, and takes care of them until age 4. If guardians of the children can be found, they are given to them. If not, the toddlers are taken to another orphanage for older children. 

Each month, weRemnant provides funds to supplement baby food and other infant needs. We also collect baby clothing and supplies to ship down as often as possible. 

Future Plans

Help us build or expand the orphanage so Crisis Nursery can take in more infants. Help us build a church-school and clinic to help improve prenatal care and reduce maternal mortality.

Give the Love Gift that Changes Lives