Brother Tom Patrick, Kenya

Brother Tom who is from Kimberly, Wisconsin USA, has been a full-time missionary working in 18 countries for the past 25 years. He has been preaching, teaching, and giving his life in the service of God’s children in Kenya for the past seven years and counting. He knows it is by the Grace of God that he continues to be effective in the face of much hardship and persecution (John 15:5). 

Brother Tom goes anywhere the Holy Spirit opens the door. Like the apostle Paul the tentmaker in the New Testament (Acts 18:3), Brother Tom works with his hands as a carpenter, plumber and/or electrician to support the mission of delivering the truth about Jesus and His amazing love to all who will listen. He has worked in countries such as the Marshall Islands, Guinea-Bissau and served in Calcutta, India with Mother Teresa. 

Brother Tom now spends all his time leading Bible studies and preaching the undiluted Word of God all over Kenya. The Holy Spirit also uses him to heal the sick, deliver the demon possessed and set the captives free. 

Brother Tom is one of the missionaries the Lord added to the weRemnant network. Please pray and consider partnering with us to help sustain the clean, unmodified gospel for the people of Kenya by supporting this faithful missionary.